Video Features

The following videos, produced by third parties, do a brilliant job in explaining the technology behind GravityLight and the overall mission of The GravityLight Foundation. We hope that you enjoy watching them as much as we did. 


GravityLight Unboxing

Watch this step by step guide on how to install your GravityLight.

Smarter Every Day

Smarter Every Day is project that is dedicated to understanding the world through a scientific lens. They produced a fantastic video that sheds light on much of the science that brings GravityLight to life. The video does a great job of explaining the inner workings of GravityLight in an informative, yet entertaining way. 


The weight of light: how gravity is illuminating sub-Saharan Africa – video 

The Guardian joined The GravityLight Foundation for one of our recent trips to Kenya, resulting in a stunning video about the innovation journey behind GravityLight. We would like to thank both The Haller Foundation, whose team connected GravityLight with the communities they work with in Kenya, and Banyak Films crew for producing such a incredible film. 


Lighting a billion lives: Jim Reeves at TEDx Warwick 2014

A TEDx talk delivered The GravityLight Foundation's Technical Director, Jim Reeves. The talk was delivered in the aftermath of the field trials that we conducted with the first production GravityLight prototype (GL01), in 1000 off-grid households across 26 different countries.