GravityLight in Kenya: Focus groups with local communities

We are delighted to be able to share video footage from our research activity in Kenya - which we talked about in the previous post. 

Part 1 - Introduction & Interview with Dragon Kimani

Footage: The GravityLight Foundation / Track: Lost Memories - Ryan Little (

Part 2 - Interviews with Elizabeth Wakarendi & Lawrence Gatimu Mbuthia

Footage: The GravityLight Foundation / Track: Triumph by Jon Luc Hefferman (

We have gained insights on how to tailor our packaging, communications and understanding of under electrified households in Kenya. With each prototype we test, we learn more about GravityLight's performance in different environments - which will stand us in good stead for our long term plans in the country.

This footage has also come at a very important time for our team - reinforcing the fundamental reasons as to why we all care so much about what it is we are trying to achieve with GravityLight. 

Focus Group Gallery

We hope that you like the videos and we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback - either in the campaign comments section or our social media channels. 

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