An Update from the Workshop: Accelerated Life Testing

Enabled by the fantastic support that we have received through our Indiegogo ‘Made in Africa’ campaign, the research and development activity around the next incarnation of our solution, the GL02, has ramped up to the next level...

We now have a set of working GL02 prototypes that are currently being put through their paces in the GravityLight workshop!

As you can imagine, the arrival of these prototypes has kicked off a hectic period of workshop activity here at GravityLight! They bring to life long hours of computer animated design work, giving us a real world opportunity to put our concepts through some rigorous trials. 

At this moment in time we are investigating the prototype's durability. We have developed a bespoke Accelerated Life Testing rig, designed to establish the lifespan of these shiny new prototypes. 

Families using kerosene lamps typically use them for four hours a day. GravityLight should pay for itself within months of switching from kerosene lamps, saving families money thereafter. By creating this rig, we’re able to condense one year of use - four hours times by 365 days – into two months of non-stop running.

Accelerated Life Testing can be a long and arduous process - with every identified issue, the process must be rebooted - but it is vitally important for a product that is designed to be a long term solution for low income families.

We’ve put together a little video for you all, using R&D footage from the workshop, to demonstrate this exciting phase of development.  

We hope that you enjoy the video. Keep an eye on this section of the website for further updates from the workshop.