Our Launch in Kenya: 50 nights Roadshow

On the 24th of October 2016 we started our '50 night' roadshow introducing GravityLight to Kenya. We travelled around 50 different locations - visiting cities, towns and rural communities from Lake Victoria to the Rift Valley to the Indian Ocean coast. The use of the number 50 is not merely for logistical reasons, as saving enough money to buy a GravityLight would only take the average Kenyan 50 days.

Our aim was to spread the word about GravityLight as it is a new and unfamiliar technology. To make ourselves as visible as possible, we chose to travel in a bright orange truck with music and dancers!

We were overwhelmed by the amount of interest in GravityLight. Many people asked us whether we were using “magic rocks”, simply not believing that simple rocks and sand could create light!

As well as raising awareness, the other primary purpose of the roadshow was to build trust.  For people to invest in a GravityLight and make the switch from kerosene lamps, they needed to see the device in action. We were also able to gather vital feedback from the communities, understand the demand for the product and see the locations where it works best. 

Our all-singing and all-dancing roadshow served us well as we now have a strong market in Kenya and hundreds are choosing to take the leap from kerosene to gravity!

Watch this 50 seconds recap video of our 50 nights Roadshow #makethefuture