GravityLight Kenya's Regional Sales Manager

Kenya has a staggering 29 million people - 64% of the population - “off-grid”, without electricity. The majority of those people rely on polluting, dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps. In November 2016 we decided to pilot GravityLight in the country, to understand the best route to market, product viability and impact. A key part of this has been establishing an on-the-ground sales team, all of whom are working tirelessly to bring GravityLight to the communities in their regions.

So let's meet our heroes - Collinse, Job and James, our three Regional Sales Managers!



Collinse Kwach is our Regional Sales Manager in the Nyanza region. He chose to work for GravityLight because his life mission is “to see rural communities smile and be free from sicknesses that are preventable. I want to make the future with GravityLight”. He does so through connecting with a range of community groups, such as health networks, savings groups, women's groups, farmer networks and many more. Collinse, with the support of his team of sales agents, drawing in the crowds to demonstrate GravityLight at market days throughout the region. On a market day he’ll wake up early to travel to the market town, set up the demo-tent or ‘dark room’ for a full day of engaging with interested customers at the market. At 5.30 pm he goes back home in Kisumu to relaxes whilst watching a football game on the sofa!



 Photo credit:  Tobin Jones

Photo credit: Tobin Jones

Job Mwancha is the Sales Manager of Nairobi and Eastern region! You may be one of the millions who saw him in this video . Job loves socialising and travelling, two things he gets to do a lot with GravityLight Kenya as his typical work day consists of visiting communities throughout his three assigned regions and demonstrating how GravityLight works. He does this with great passion because he strongly believes GravityLight is an empowering tool that will change the livelihood of kerosene users throughout his beloved country!



James Akali, the Regional Sales Manager in Kenya's Western region, is a big fan of Manchester United; however, he claims, his biggest passion is GravityLight. Dubious given the popularity of the English Premier League in Kenya, but we’ll take it! He said: “Being part of a team that is pioneering a revolution is something that I appreciate everyday. GravityLight is changing the lives of each customer that has had a chance to use it”. Like Collinse, his work includes demonstrations at market days or and connecting with community groups in his region. He enjoys spreading the word on GravityLight as “the most fulfilling part of my job is getting to champion this push for clean energy to a region that my family roots are from”.


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