Introducing GravityLight in Kenya!

We are days away from introducing GravityLight to Kenya! 

To do so, we're collaborating with, and have been supported by, several organisations: The DOEN Foundation, Siemens Stiftung, Shell and, of course, you - generous supporters of GravityLight!

Following our success at the Shell Springboard Awards in 2015, Shell are supporting GravityLight and six other clean energy ideas to amplify their impact through the #makethefuture campaign.

For GravityLight, this means a 50-night roadshow across Kenya! 

Starting on Monday 24th October, we will traveling the country to spread the word about GravityLight, raise awareness about clean, safe and affordable alternatives to kerosene lamps and sell our first lights.

Support from The DOEN Foundation and our recent award from Siemens Stiftung will enable us to gather in depth feedback along the roadshow and beyond, on GravityLight's impact and longer term sustainability and scalability. We'll be sharing more about our research plan and activities soon...

Why a roadshow?

In bringing such a new and different product to market, especially focused on low income households, building awareness and trust will be critical.

AWARENESS: GravityLight is a completely new product and unique way of generating power. We need to make people aware of our solution, what it does and how it works. A bright orange roadshow with music, skits and demos will be hard to miss!

TRUST: For people to invest in a GravityLight and make the switch from kerosene lamps, they need to see it in action or, at least, be recommended it by a friend. So the roadshow also offers the change to use a GravityLight and see it in action.

Covering 50 different locations across the country will also help us to understand the difference in demand, use habits and impact GravityLight has in different areas.

Follow the roadshow!

Over the next two months, we'll be sharing updates about the roadshow and GravityLight's reception across the country...

If you can't make it in person, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and look out for the hashtag #makethefuture.